CoTraiN at the heart of the relation between companies and VET centers

To date, the CoTraiN pilot partners –Centoform, IFAPME and Cefa of Court St Etienne- have achieved 42 collaborative training. The initial objectives of the experiment are exceeded !

In order to aim at developing the collaborative training model, little focus on the promotion activities of the Italian partner.

Dissemination of results and outcomes of the project COTRAIN had a very successful appointment in Italy, last 8th of March. The event, organized by the full-partner Centoform in cooperation with CENTEC, laboratory, part of the University of Ferrara, specialized in industrial research and technology transfer, saw the participation of over than 50 local and regional companies (especially operating in the mechanical and mechatronics, one of the most important sectors in Emilia Romagna Region), interested in reinforcing education-business partnership for strengthening TVET programmes in order to update them in line with trend and evolution of the labour market,

Participating companies also expressed their convincement regarding the importance of co-designing up-to-date and market oriented training programmes together with IFP organization (VET providers, Universities, Foundations) and cooperating with other enterprises in order to make available new profiles with a high level of responsiveness in relation to key competences requested by the sectoral economic operators, often difficult to be recruited. In this context, the strategic tool of collaborative training networks was presented as a very novel one for supporting the training of technical profiles, based on the combined internships of students/trainees by different companies, complementary in relation to their organization and their work processes. The project COTRAIN was presented as a very innovative initiative promoted by an International partnership (partner from Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy) and supported by regional, national and international relevant stakeholders (i.e. Emilia Romagna Region, Austrian Ministry of Education, BIBB, etc.), extremely important for boosting the growth of a qualified technical culture of operators and local systems.

The imitative of last 8th of March was the first appointment of a multistakeholders participative process that Centoform will support in the future for connecting regional needs and innovation of curricula.

For more information you can contact: Elena Romanini Centoform srl  320-4980794; Chiara Pancaldi Centoform srl 346-4218708

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